Not only does having a good old-fashioned decluttering session open up your home and give you space to store the things you actually will use, an ordered and low clutter living environment has been proven to enhance your mental wellbeing as well. To get you started on your junk ousting journey, we have some tips on how to root out the rubbish from your home.

1. Little and Often

One of the biggest reasons for clutter accumulating to a point where dealing with it becomes daunting, is that we don’t pay attention to it often enough. Try this; pick a room in your home each week. Take 5 minutes to look around it and identify anything you no longer have any love or use for. Remove these items. See if you miss them. If after one week you don’t feel any particular urge to put those items back, then perhaps it is time to throw them on the junk pile

2. Hire a Skip Or Get Your Rubbish Cleared

On the other hand, if your clutter issue is major, perhaps it is time for a purge. Put a weekend aside, hire a skip or book a rubbish clearance service and blitz the whole house; garage, loft and garden included. It is a big job, but dealing with it in one, high-intensity burst is a great way to ensure that you get it done and don’t lose enthusiasm for the task. This can happen if you draw the process out over a number of weeks.

3. One Year Rule

Tackling the wardrobe can be tricky. Where do you start and what do you get rid of? This system may help. First of all, only tackle one ‘clothing category’ at a time; for example, jeans, underwear or shoes. Lay the entire ‘category’ out where you can see it. Then go through each item and ask yourself the question, ‘when did I last wear this?’ If you realise it is something you haven’t worn in the last year, then get rid of it. There are many arguments to suggest that if you haven’t worn it in the last year, you probably never will again. This rule also works with other categories in the home, including kitchen equipment, dry foodstuffs and cosmetics

4. Garage Design

Garages don’t tend to be well designed. This is one of the reasons why they seem to accumulate junk very easily. The great thing about a garage, though, is that it doesn’t necessarily have to be pretty, but it does benefit from a bit of functional design. With a few home-made additions and a bit of thought, your garage can be the very storage facility the rest of your home needs. Here are some ideas on how to make that happen.

5. Loft List

The loft gets forgotten. ‘Out of sight, out of mind.’ It is not a space that most people enter on a daily basis, so it is easy to forget. Then comes the day that you need something from it and you have no idea where to start. This is a job to do when the skip is in the garden because there is no space more jammed with junk than the loft. Before you get in there though, make a list. This list should include the ‘zones’ that you are going to be installing in your new, organised loft space. You might want to include categories such as suitcases, camping gear, items belonging to children that have moved out, Christmas decorations and memorabilia. This is a good place to start and will make sorting through your loft much easier.

6. Storage

How much storage do you have in your home? If the answer is, ‘not enough’. Then you might want to think about how you can implement some. Junk is much easier to keep in order if it belongs somewhere. Here are some cool storage ideas you might want to try out.

7. Photography

As previously stated, we hold on to a lot of things because they mean something to us. These things do not necessarily perform a physical function in our lives, their significance is generally emotional. Photography is more available to us than ever. If all you are going to do with these items is look at them, maybe consider consigning them to a photo album. This won’t work for everybody, but if you desperately need to get rid of some rubbish in your home, it might be a good way to go.

8. Pocket Money

Money is a good motivator. Selling your old stuff might be the motivation you need to get rid of some of it. You might be surprised by what some people will pay for a bit of old tat! Baby clothes, books, CD’s, DVD’s, furniture, musical instruments; these are all very easy to sell. So why not pass them on to somebody who will use them and line your pockets in the process!

9. A Bag A Day

This is quite a good system to employ if you have a lot to tackle. For one week, simply fill up one bin bag a day with junk. This is quite easy to do. You will find that you have a significantly clearer living space by the end of the week, and you will have done it without having felt stressed or overwhelmed about the prospect of decluttering.

10. 356 Items Less

Make a project of it! This woman took on her clutter conundrum in an interesting way. She decided to give away a single item every day for a year. She ended that year with a much simpler, clearer home, and a greater appreciation for the belongings that she had decided to keep.

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