While Metro Waste are still the best choice for skip hire and removing your rubbish in Acton, there is also a local recycling centre if you’re fortunate enough to own your own car and only have a small amount of rubbish to get rid. You should be aware that no commercial vehicles are allowed into the site and it doesn’t accept trade waste either so, if you’re a tradesman and need to get rid of the day’s rubbish, this local facility isn’t right for you. However, if you still need to make a trip there, here are a few more details about the site: Acton re-use and recycling centre Stirling Road, W3 8DJ Tel: (020) 8993 7580 Webpage: Click to visit

Opening Times

The centre is open from Monday to Sunday between 8am and 5pm between 1st April to 30 September and 8am to 4pm between 1 October-31 March. In short, it’s open all year round excluding Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day.

What’s accepted?

Glass bottles and jars (except drinking glasses, Pyrex, window glass, ornaments or any other glass objects) Any colour is fine but they ask that you rinse them first and make sure you separate the bottles into the correct colours (clear, green and brown). Cans, tins and aerosols All food tins, drinks cans, foil and aerosols. Please rinse out the cans first and crush them to save space in the bins. Be aware that the centre won’t accept gas canisters or spray paints. Paper & cardboard All newspaper, magazines, directories, non-window envelopes and all types of cardboard. Textiles/clothing Any clothing including belts, bags, handkerchiefs, towels, bed linen, curtains, blankets, scrap material. The centre asks that you put your items in carrier bags before depositing in the recycling bin; and yes, they’ll even accept your underwear! Shoes In case you’re wondering, it’s pairs only. They don’t want single shoes. Tie the laces of pairs together and put them in a carrier bag. Household plastics All types of household plastic are accepted including pots, tubs, trays and plastic bottles, but please rinse them first. Be aware that polystyrene, PVC, clingfilm and bubble wrap are not accepted in the plastic recycling bins. Metal Many metals fetch a good scrap price so any kind of metal items are accepted. This includes washing machines, cookers and push bikes. Garden waste This includes grass clippings, prunings, dead flowers and small branches. As this is often composted, they don’t want tree trunks and fruit. Car engine and cooking oil The two must not be mixed – Keep them in separate containers. Re-usable books If they’re in good condition, they can be reused. If not, put them in with the paper items. Small electrical items This includes vacuum cleaners, TV sets, old computers, toaster and most other household items that have a plug on them. They also accept mobile phones, PDA and notebooks. Carpets and underlay Any kinds, but only from householders. If you’re a trader or landlord with a mountain of old carpet or offcuts, you won’t be allowed to dump them.

Separate your waste streams first

To make your life easier when you arrive at the Acton site, it’s best to separate everything into the proper category first before loading it into your car. It’ll make your life easier and you’ll be glad you did once you arrive.

Larger household volumes and trade waste

Of course, taking a trip to the Acton re-use and recycling centre isn’t suitable for everyone. If you’ve had a clearout and have piles of waste to get rid of, please consider contacting Metro Waste to either hire one of our skips or call in our rubbish removal team instead. We cater for both domestic AND commercial waste so get in touch to find out which of our options is best for you.

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