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  • General Information

    Take time to consider the size of skip you require.

    We offer various sizes of skips to suit you needs; certain sizes are suitable for very heavy waste such as soil and rubble whereas our larger skips are only suitable for big, bulky items. Take a look at our skip hire page to familiarise yourself with the type and size of skip you'll need.

    Will your skip be on a public highway?

    If the skip is going to be on your own private land such as your garden or drive, you won't need a permit. Otherwise an application needs to be made to your Local Authority. Take a look at our permit section to find out more.

    Skip content regulations

    All London Boroughs have strict rules about what you can put in your skip. Here is a list of items that aren't permitted:

    • Electrical appliances such as TVs, fridges etc.
    • Gas bottles
    • Chemicals and solvents
    • Car tyres
    • Fluorescent tubes & lightbulbs
    • Clinical waste (syringes, medicines etc.)
    • Asbestos & plasterboard
    • All liquids

    Below is an example of general items that are permitted:

    • Furniture, furnishings & fixtures
    • General household/ garden waste
    • Wood, metal & plastic
    • Soil, rubble, hardcore & clay

    It's important that you're aware of these allowances and restrictions as you could end up paying more if you place prohibited items in your skip. Please get in touch with us if you need more information.

    How long do you need the skip for?

    We can arrrange same day collection and delivery or you can keep the skip for longer (typically up to 2 weeks). If your skip is on a road, this we be dependent on the details of your skip permit.

    How high can I fill it?

    The skip contents must not be higher than the sides of the skip otherwise we won't be able to collect it.

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  • Skip permits

    Do I need a skip permit?

    If the skip is going to be located on a road or other public area, you'll need a permit; it's illegal to place a skip on public land without one. You won't need one if the skip is on your own land.

    How do I get a permit?

    Some London Boroughs will allow us to apply on your behalf whilst others specify that you have to apply for one yourself.

    How much does it cost and how long does it last?

    The cost varies between London Boroughs but as a rough guide, it'll cost between £30 and £50. The duration is dependent on the dates specified in the permit. Contact us today for free advice or to find out more.

    What are the safety requirements?

    Skips left on the highway overnight also require lights. For more information on the pros and cons of hiring a skip, just give Metro Waste a call.

    What if I can't get a permit?

    There are certain roads in London where you won't get a permit. This can include Red Routes or narrow roads. If this applies to you, we offer a low cost rubbish collection service using our own fleet of tipper trucks. There's no need for a permit and we can often collect the same day. Get in touch to find out more.

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