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History of Waste Management

All living things produce waste, even plants (e.g. think autumn leaves). In particular, where there are humans, there's waste material. For as long as we've been around on this planet, we've made a habit of generating piles of unwanted garbage. As we're essentially...

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Jimmy and Nellie and the Go Green Team

Waste Recycling and Environmental Pollution Admittedly, there has been some progress in more recent times but there is still a monumental mountain to climb. Fortunately for us, our younger generation are now far more aware of the problem than ever before so it's...

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London Hot Air Balloon Regatta – 2019 Festival

**Updated 10th June 2019 - This event has now taken place After being postponed once already in 2019, 46 balloons took off from Battersea Park at 5:15am on Sunday 9th June. After flying eastward, they passed over the London Eye, the Houses of Parliament, the Cutty...

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Why are London Black Cabs Exempt From ULEZ?

With the current air quality crisis in London and the new ULEZ (Ultra Low Emissions Zone) regulations that have recently come into force in April 2019, many people are asking why London's iconic 'black cabs' are still exempt from the charge. According to Transport for...

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What Are Nurdles?

Nurdles - They sound kinda cute don't they. Perhaps they're a new, lovable cartoon family on CBeebies or a tasty 60-second microwave treat? Well, no... Despite the rather appealing name, they're anything but cute and lovable. They are in fact the bigger brother of...

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Would You Return Your Used Glass Bottles For Free?

Back in March of 2018, we wrote about the Government's announcement that it intended to introduce a Deposit Return Scheme for glass bottles, plastic bottles and tin cans. We're now nearly a year down the road and there's still precious little information available...

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Real vs Fake Christmas Trees – Which is Best?

OK, it's nearly Christmas for those that celebrate it. If you do, you're probably thinking of moving all that loft junk out of the way once again and digging the fake tree out for yet another year. Alternatively, you may choose to go on the hunt in London for a real...

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Death Knell of the Halogen Bulb After EU Ban

In a bid to encourage Europe to reduce its 'Carbon Footprint', it's now not permitted for retailers to replace their stocks of halogen lamps and bulbs. As of September 1st 2018, LED light bulbs will be taking their place, despite the higher purchase price. LEDs use...

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