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Death Knell of the Halogen Bulb After EU Ban

In a bid to encourage Europe to reduce its 'Carbon Footprint', it's now not permitted for retailers to replace their stocks of halogen lamps and bulbs. As of September 1st 2018, LED light bulbs will be taking their place, despite the higher purchase price. LEDs use...

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Huge Fire at Waste Disposal Site in East London

Following on from our recent post about how to prevent a fire breaking out in your skip, an article in The Standard highlights how easy it is for a waste fire to get out of control. According to the article, a huge blaze at a waste disposal site in Leyton, East...

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Tips on How to Prevent a Skip Fire

The hot, dry weather that the UK is currently enjoying is the perfect environment for skip fires. Whilst it's also relevant during the winter months too, it's particularly important to be extra cautious of the dangers that this dry weather we're currently experiencing...

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Wow! Pythons Found Slithering in Battersea Park

According to this report on the website, three young Royal Pythons were found slithering around the Battersea area in June 2017, including one in Chelsea Bridge Road. It's thought that they may have been released into the wild by their former owner,...

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The Supermarket Packaging Plastic Waste Dilemma

Unless you have been living under a rock (or pile of plastic), you will have been made aware that the world has a serious issue when it comes to waste plastic. Since the revolutionary development of plastic over a century ago, we have gone mad for the stuff. Of course...

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