Chemical & Liquid Waste

We cannot accept chemical or liquid waste because of the risk of spillage during transport and being unable to separate liquids at transfer stations.

Animal Products

It is prohibited for drivers to remove animal products due to contamination risks and the specialist requirements needed for safe disposal.

Food Waste

We are unable to accept food waste because this requires specific licences and disposal methods. Dispose of food waste through your normal household collection service.


We do not accept oil of any type even in a sealed container. It is advisable to take oil to a local recycling centre for clean and safe disposal.

Tree Trunks

While we can accept some tree trunks, there are restrictions on diameters. Please ask us about these restrictions when calling us.


We cannot accept any type of asbestos waste. This is a hazardous material and should only be removed by a specialist service provider.

Biological and Medical Waste

Human waste from chemical toilets and septic tanks, and medical waste, radioactive waste and empty hazardous material containers, cannot be accepted by our company.


Batteries, such as those made from lithium, present a fire hazard if damaged or when they come into contact with water. Do not put batteries into skips and seek specialist disposal instead.

Railway Sleepers

We have been unable to accept railway sleepers since September 2023. These are now considered hazardous timber waste which we are not licensed to accept.

Telegraph Poles

Telegraph poles are now part of the hazardous timber waste group. As of September 2023, we cannot accept this waste type due to the chemicals they have been treated with.