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London rubbish clearance, waste removal and junk disposal

Residential Waste - Home, Garden & Loft Junk Cleared by the Experts. Commercial Waste - Do you need your Shop, Factory or Office Cleared Fast? Construction Waste - Keep your London Building Site Free from Waste.

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Rubbish Clearances

Our large capacity tipper trucks and friendly staff are on hand to collect all your unwanted waste.

Skip hire

With a range of skip sizes available, we provide skip hire in London to residential & commercial clients.

All services

We provide a comprehensive range of rubbish removal and junk clearance options in London.

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Thousands of Satisfied Customers

Everyone accumulates rubbish, no matter what their age or profession. It doesn’t matter if you’re a doctor or a delivery driver, there are times when your busy life is simply too full to have the time to worry about how you’re going to dispose of all that unwanted junk and trash.

That’s where Metro Waste (London) Ltd. can help. We offer a range of affordable services that can help you de-clutter (and de-stress!) your life.

We have thousands of satisfied customers who have either opted for our fast and efficient rubbish removal and waste disposal service or have opted for our London skip hire service instead.

Whether you have unwanted scrap or junk in the house, garage or loft, or whether the garden needs clearing of refuse or excess debris, we’ll take care of it all. Get in touch today for a free quote or free advice from our experienced and friendly team.

Satisfied London waste removal customers

Thousands of Clients Can’t Be Wrong!

Satisfied London waste removal customers

We all accumulate junk and trash on a daily basis; it’s unavoidable. At some stage, some of it needs to be disposed of. Whilst we can put the daily stuff out for waste collection by our local authority, not all of it is suitable. Sometimes you need to dispose of bigger or heavier items and a trip to the local garbage recycling centre isn’t always a viable option.

That’s when it’s time to call in the professionals – Metro Waste has thousands of satisfied customers in London and we know a thing or two about clearing your debris and junk!

Moving house? If you’ve just moved into (or are moving out of) your London home and need your excess waste, trash or refuse removing fast, we’ll be able to get the job done fast and efficiently.

We provide a comprehensive rubbish and garbage clearance service to residential and business customers alike, and you can choose between our handy collection service or opt to use our London skip rental service instead.

Whether it’s just a general garden debris clearance you want, or if you have junk or trash in the garage or loft awaiting removal.  we’re the perfect choice to get your waste disposed of quickly and efficiently.

Clearing London's rubbish for over 25 years

Clearing London’s Rubbish for Over 25 Years

We’ve been serving the London community for well over a quarter of a century so we’re pretty sure we must be doing something right!

There isn’t much we don’t know about junk and trash; times change but rubbish is still rubbish. Over the years, we’ve seen changes in legislation together with the types of junk people discard. From plastic to polystyrene and toys to TVs, we’ve seen it all.

We’re based in Battersea, South West London and have a great team of hardworking, friendly staff who are on hand to deal with any enquiry or questions you may have. If it’s rubbish, trash, debris or garbage-related, our professional office staff will be able to answer any questions you may have.

Our rates are competitive and we’re one of London’s leading junk removal and skip hire companies.

As you’d expect, we’re fully licensed and are registered with the Environment Agency, so you know we can be trusted. Get in touch today, we’d love to hear from you!

Removing London’s Waste For Over 25 Years

Clearing London's rubbish for over 25 years

We’ve been around a while; over 25 years in fact. We’re no strangers to junk and we’re not the new kids on the block!

The reason for our continued success in London is simple, we have an experienced and friendly core team of individuals who work hard and provide a great service to our customers.

Whether you’re looking to hire a skip or get your rubbish cleared fast, we’re on hand six days a week to deal with your enquiry.

We’re registered with the Environment Agency as a Registered Waste Carrier and as you’d expect, are fully insured.

As one of London’s premier (and most experienced) rubbish clearance, trash removal and debris disposal companies, we’re the obvious choice for all your residential and business waste clearance needs.

Let’s Recycle More Rubbish!

Let’s face it, we live in a disposable world. Nowadays, most of the food we buy comes in throwaway wrapping and the items we buy for our homes or businesses typical comes with a huge amount of excess packaging.

Today’s Londoners are more keenly aware than ever before that this trend can’t continue indefinitely.

You’ll be glad to know that recycling your waste debris is at the core of our business philosophy. All of the trash and junk we collect is sorted into its relevant category (paper, wood, plastic etc.) and sent off for recycling. Whilst it’s inevitable that some items simply can’t be recycled and are destined to go to Landfill, we’re still able to recycle around 90% of all the waste we receive.

Waste recycling experts

Waste Removal & Recycling

Waste recycling experts

London produces a whole heap of junk and it all has to go somewhere. We all want to live in a cleaner world, and renewable resources are now more important than they ever were.

When we started in the waste management business, the majority of London’s trash went straight to landfill waste disposal sites, and recycling was relatively unheard of. With today’s modern technology and a more ecologically in-tune population, recycling is now a household word.

Not only is it more cost effective to recycle, it’s also healthier for the planet. Our London rubbish removal and skip hire service brings in all kinds of waste and junk to our depot which all needs to be sorted into relevant categories.

Only a small percentage of the rubbish removed now goes to Landfill, with the rest being recycled into new materials. You’ll be pleased to hear that around 90% of all the waste we receive is eventually recycled.

Common Items Our London Waste Depot Can Accept

  • Builder’s rubble
  • Wooden items
  • White goods
  • Broken IT equipment
  • All metals
  • Chipboard & MDF
  • Shop fittings, flooring, units
  • Bagged & loose rubbish
  • Garden waste
  • Most household items
  • Bricks & plasterboard
  • All plastic
  • Sofas and furniture
  • Garage & loft items
  • Paper & cardboard
  • DIY debris
  • Kitchen & bathroom suites
  • Soil & clay

To find out more about our professional London rubbish removal and skip hire service, either call our team or drop us an email.

We’re waiting to hear from you.

A more in-depth look at our services

More about us

Based in Battersea, South West London

Metro Waste are the number one choice for all your waste removal and house clearance needs. We cater for the commercial, industrial and private sector throughout much of Greater London and offer the choice of one-off rubbish removal or regular collections for small or larger businesses, and, as we’re based in Battersea, we can get to most areas of London fast.

We’ve been in business for over 25 years and are renowned for being reliable and dependable. We’ll arrive on time and clear your rubbish quickly and efficiently. Regardless of what type of trash, debris, scrap or refuse you have, we’ll take care of it all.

We take most types of rubbish

Metro Waste is a licensed waste carrier and can clear a broad range of rubbish at a time that’s convenient for you. Whether it’s loose or bagged rubbish, builders’ rubble, green waste or fridge-freezers and cookers, we’ll be there on time and remove it all!

London skip hire

London’s premier skip rental company

Metro Waste has a fleet of distinctive green skip rental trucks that you may have already spotted in and around the Capital City. We cover most of London and can often provide you with same-day collection and delivery. If you opt for our ‘Wait and Load’ service, our drivers will turn up with your skip and wait for you to load it. Once full, they’ll be able to take your unwanted rubbish, junk and debris away immediately and you won’t even need to worry about the hassle of getting a skip permit. This service should take around 30 minutes so please let us know in advance if you think you’ll need the skip for longer.

Permits and lights

If you’re intending to have your skip outside your premises on a public highway, you’ll need a skip permit. The cost of these can vary from borough to borough and we’ll be happy to arrange these on your behalf if we can. If the skip is on a road, it will need to be lit at night so it’s easier to spot by vehicles and pedestrians. If you’d like to know more about the pros and cons or legal requirements of hiring a skip, please get in touch with our friendly team.

Private land – If your skip is going to be on your own land, such as a driveway, you’ll be glad to hear that you won’t need a permit.

When renting a skip isn’t an option

If you don’t have your own private land and live on one of London’s busy Red Routes, you won’t be able to rent one of our skips. Similarly, some roads are simply too narrow to place a skip on the road but don’t worry, we’ve got that covered too. Our tipper hire service is a  great alternative when hiring a skip just simply isn’t possible. With a huge capacity of 13.6 cubic metres, we’re able to remove either full or part loads, so you’ll only pay for the amount of rubbish that’s being cleared. Why not give us a call and let us know what waste you need removing and we’ll be happy to help.

Skip hire sizes

We offer a range of skip sizes so why not head over to our skip sizes page to choose the one that’s right for you.

London skip prices

Our London skip rental prices vary depending on the type of service we offer. We can offer trade discounts for long-term hire and repeat customers so why not get in touch to discuss your requirements. If you have excess trash, scrap or debris and want to put it all in one skip, we have the perfect size to rent at an affordable price.

Main South London areas covered

Southwark, Wandsworth, Lambeth, Hammersmith, Fulham, Richmond, Kensington and Chelsea

Garden waste removal

London garden clearances – Get sheds, shrubs, brambles and tangles removed

If you’ve just moved into your new home and have inherited an overgrown garden that now resembles a jungle, it’s time to call in Metro Waste. Perhaps your busy daily life doesn’t allow enough time to get the job done. We’ll be able to remove as much or as little of your garden debris and waste as you want. Our tipper rental service offers perfect flexibility for full or part loads, leaving you clear-headed to get on with your busy life.

We’ll clear your garage or outbuildings from that everyday rubbish, waste and debris you no longer need. We regularly collect old household items and garden items that get left in sheds and garages such as rusty tools, broken lawn mowers and general garden bric-a-brac. Get in touch today for a competitive quote.

Our garden clearance service includes:

  • Removal of undergrowth
  • Sheds and outbuildings cleared
  • Rusty tools removed
  • Broken mowers
  • Loose debris
  • General garden rubbish clearances

Garage clearances

Garages cleared of all junk

If your London garage is filled to the brim with junk, it can be a pretty daunting task getting rid of it all. If you have a garage, you’ll be familiar with that age-old problem of stacked up, teetering boxes, old computers, rusty bikes and a whole plethora of other unwanted items. When we first move home, the new garage we inherit is typically spacious and junk free. It doesn’t take long for us to start filling it up with those items that we tell ourselves “will probably get used again one day”. Of course, sometimes they do, but it’s all too frequent that they don’t.

Rusty paint tins, discarded engine oil, rickety furniture, old toys…. the list is almost endless! 

Well, perhaps it’s time for a tidy-up. Roll up those shirt sleeves and start rummaging around in those storage boxes that you’ve forgotten all about – You’ll probably be surprised to find a whole host of items you’d forgotten you even had… and probably don’t need. But what are you going to do with it all?

It’s time to call Metro Waste in – Let London’s premier waste removal experts take the problem out of your hands. We’ll even be able to clear out those neglected outbuildings as well.

Property clearances

House/property clearances throughout London

With over 25 years’ of experience, we’re used to working with local authorities and local businesses in Battersea and beyond. We’ve worked with virtually all kinds of businesses over the years including solicitors, estate agents, shops, pubs and restaurants. We can completely clear virtually any house, flat or any other type of property of kinds of business of all kinds of domestic waste, trash, junk and rubbish including:

  • Furniture including beds and mattresses
  • Carpets, curtains and soft furnishings
  • Pictures, mirrors and wall hangings
  • Kitchen contents
  • White goods and electrical equipment
  • Garage contents including paint, oil and most chemicals

Commercial waste removal and disposal

Available in South, West and Central London

All business owners know that time is money. If you have unwanted waste at your London office or factory, you’ll want it gone and out of the way as soon as possible. There are a whole host of reasons that you may need your waste and trash removed fast. If you’re refurbishing a shop, flat or an office you’ll need the space to work and maximise your time. That’s where we can help. Our same-day skip or tipper hire service is the perfect solution for the job so why not give us a call to discuss your requirements?

Metro Waste can remove:

  • Old shop fittings, flooring and units
  • Builder’s rubble, bricks and plasterboard
  • Wood, metal and plastic
  • White goods
  • Broken IT equipment
  • Bagged rubbish

We recycle nearly all of your commercial waste

All of the debris collected by Metro Waste is taken swiftly to a licensed waste transfer station. That’s where it’s sorted into different categories such as wood, plastic, paper and hazardous goods etc. You’ll be pleased to know that around 90% of all the waste we collect is now recycled. Any trash and scrap that can’t be recycled is disposed of in the correct and legal way.

Tipper hire

Reliable London tipper hire; a cheap alternative to skip hire

Many properties in London simply don’t have room for a skip. If you live in a house or work in an office where space is at a premium and the rubbish is piling up, don’t worry; Metro Waste can help. Out in the suburbs of London, skips are a popular choice but the closer to the centre of the City you get, this becomes a less viable option.

With our ever-popular tipper hire rubbish removal service, we’ll often be able to get rid of all your waste, scrap and trash in a single visit. Our friendly workforce will even be on-hand to load the truck and speed the process up. We’ve had over 25 years dealing with London’s busy roads and always factor this into the quoted arrival time and our trucks can hold a whopping 13.6 cubic metres of your junk. Our speedy tipper hire service is perfect for larger items such as old beds, mattresses and wardrobes but is also great for bagged and loose medium sized debris and refuse too.

We are happy to pick up:

  • Rubble, bricks and plasterboard
  • Bathroom and kitchen furniture
  • Broken white goods
  • Soil and green garden waste
  • Wood and metal
  • Plastics, paper and cardboard
  • Bagged waste